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The Highland Cows of Manar

Bringing Native Breeds back onto the Estate was an absolute must for Dean Horspool owner and CEO of Manar House & Estate. So when one of the local farmers was looking for additional fields for a few of his ladies it was the perfect opportunity to make this happen. At the moment there are five great examples of the breed located on one of the South Fields to the front of the Main house.

Peanut pictured above (photo by our wonderfully talented neighbour - Ian) is one of the biggest characters in the field. She is very friendly and responds to her name - she's one of the first to come over and say hi to guests who venture down to say hello to the cows. Peanut is easily recognisable by her wonky horns - having almost lost one at a very young age.

Guests can meet the ladies of Manar and we can even arrange talks with Ben the Farmer to tell you all about the breed. Look out for a mini introduction to all of the cows resident at Manar - Coming Soon!

We are also looking at limited edition personalised Highland Cow teddy bears and prints that guests can take away as gifts/ souvenirs. If you'd like to pre-order one get in touch.

As with most estates there are a few characters and animals to meet keep so checking back here for more information on the wildlife and residents, including the Highland ponies, Deer, Rabbits and the House Hungarian Vizslas Clyde and Cooper...

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