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Mindfulness at Manar - From burnout to Habits for a healthy life an interview with Tina Horspool, Founder of Mindfulness at Manar

Updated: Mar 2

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, bloated, emotional and or maybe just not quite yourself? This is how many of us operate on a daily basis but think it's ok to just keep going. Leaving our health to chance rather than proactively managing our wellbeing- this is how Tina (Owner of Manar, Founder of Mindfulness at Manar) found herself operating in 2020 through to 2021. Open and honest Tina describes the fall out of the pandemic as a pivotal moment for her personal health journey. Forced to take time away from her professional career as a senior leader in an International Energy Consultancy because of a rapid onset of crippling anxiety, stress and depression it was with the help of professional doctors Tina realised that to be truly well a thorough review of her lifestyle/ habits/ core beliefs and mental health was needed. Years of operating with high functioning anxiety had taken its toll. Throw in an exciting but high paced career, two children under two, a monumental renovation and a global pandemic the writing was on the wall.

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